6 Signs That You Must Replace Old Fences

Home maintenance is a never-ending task. You may have discovered techniques to keep your yard, fence & house looking neat and tidy. You might be the owner of all things painting, repairing, and do-it-yourself. However, there comes a moment in the life of the security fence when it’s time to cease maintaining it and replace it.

The greatest signs that it’s time to invest in a new fence are listed below.

1. More Privacy

Do you have neighbours or stay in a busy area? Perhaps you’d like to spend more time outside without the distractions of idle chatter. A fence is an excellent method to transform your house into a sanctuary. Natural wear and tear might provide someone in the adjacent yard the opportunity to view what you’re up to.

2. Safety Concerns

A fence is mostly used to safeguard the things that are important to you – according to fencing contractors in Perth. Your children, pets, and maybe even plants. If weather and time have caused small gaps in security fence big enough for one of these items, or anything else, to fit through, it is well worth the effort to update your fence, even if it is just for the peace of mind it will provide.

3. Improves Property Value

Buying a home is all about making a financial investment. Even the most well-kept house will lose value if it has a drooping, sagging security fence with uneven boards or missing pegs. A well-kept fence gives any home a professional impression right away.

4. Enhances Curb Appeal

Do you want to sell your house? Perhaps you might assist one of your neighbours in selling theirs? A new, squeaky-clean fence can instantly boost curb appeal. It’s possible that after you repair the security fence, the neighbourhood will follow suit. It’s infectious to have a tidy yard.

5. Weathered

Do you live in a storm-prone area? Your posts may be starting to droop due to excess moisture if your contracting didn’t go deeper enough while installation. Or perhaps a severe windstorm damaged a couple of corners. Or maybe the sun has faded the design of formerly gleaming posts? A fence is built to resist a lot, but allowing it to sit in the elements for long periods of time can lead to mildew and algae development, termites, and even complete collapse. This is particularly crucial to remember when it comes to wooden fences.

Over time dust, dirt, stains and UV rays damage the quality and lifespan of security fences. If you would like to change old fences, installing colourbond fences can be a good option. These are specially designed for Perth’s harsh climate.

Things To Consider Before Installing Fences In Perth

Installing security fences is an investment that will pay you in the long run. There are just too many factors to consider before installation, whether it is the material’s quality or its upkeep and aesthetic. There are many different kinds of fences on the market.

Check out what fencing contractors in Perth propose to their customers.

Go for Colourbond fences:

Colorbond fences are a popular choice for both business and domestic security. They’re contemporary fences constructed of colorbond Bluescope steel. This steel has been carefully designed to withstand Perth’s extreme weather conditions. Additionally, it is corrosion-free, UV-resistant, termite-proof, water-resistant, heat-resistant, and frost-resistant. The colourbond fence also contributes to the property’s aesthetic appeal. Colorbond fences, according to skilled fencing contractors in Joondalup, will only provide you with the greatest performance for a long time.

Consider maintenance

Maintenance and repairs should be addressed while installing security fences. Dust, dirt, wind, sunshine, rain, and other outside factors deteriorate the condition of fences over time. As a result, frequent maintenance is required to keep your fences in good condition. Colorbond fences, on the other hand, are recommended by professionals since they require very little maintenance and only minimal fencing repairs. Traditional power washing is sufficient to maintain its attractiveness. You won’t have to be concerned about expensive maintenance and repair costs once you’ve installed it.

Variety & styles

The primary goal of fences is to increase the level of security on a property. Many homeowners, on the other hand, are worried about their homes’ style and aesthetic value. PVC fences, for example, are not particularly robust and lasting. Professionals in Perth, fortunately, always choose to build colorbond fences since they come in a variety of colours. These give a layer of improvement to the property with their sleek and sturdy designs.

Materials quality

Last but not least, the material quality should be evaluated before installing security fences. This component, however, is dependent on the fencing company. To provide excellent services to their consumers, reputable fence companies in Perth always use high-quality materials. They consistently put their customers’ wants and desires first. They also closely adhere to quality and safety regulations. You won’t have to be concerned about the quality of materials or other services if you pick a reliable fence business.

Colourbond fences can be the ultimate choice if you are looking for a good fencing option for Perth’s home. They are durable, long-lasting and cost-effective. If both beauty and security are essential to you, colorbond fences may be the best solution for you.

What Are The Popular Fencing Materials?

Fencing is one of the best ways to enhance the security level of a residential and commercial property. It keeps your property safe from vandalism, intruders & theft. Several types of materials are used for installing security fences. In this blog, we will discuss popular materials that are used to make security fences.

1. BlueScope colourbond steel

BlueScope colourbond steel is a modern fencing material that is designed to withstand the bad weather of Joondalup. The Bluescope colourbond steel is lightweight, durable, strong, and easy to install. Colourbond fences come in a wide range of designs, colours, patterns & styles. Moreover, it is termite-proof, weatherproof and UV-resistant. It also requires very low maintenance.

2. Aluminium

Aluminium is a strong and lightweight material widely used in residential and commercial fencing. It offers long-lasting & durable features. Aluminium fences come with a simple design and this can be a good alternative to iron fences. Moreover, aluminium security fences are corrosion-resistant, UV-resistant, weatherproof & termite-proof. Apart from that, aluminium fences can also be recycled.

3. Wood

Wood is another traditional fencing material used for commercial & residential fences in Perth. This is most popular for its classic & sophisticated look. Wooden fences add a layer of value to your property. Wood is a durable and strong material that offers a high level of security. However, wooden fences are not weatherproof. So, you need to maintain wooden fences after a certain period.

4. PVC

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is mainly used to make decorative fences. This is a plastic material that provides a nonporous design and unique structure. However, in comparison to colourbond or aluminium fences, PVC fences never give you a high level of protection. Apart from that, these fences are not long-lasting. If you would like to enhance the beauty of your property, PVC fences will be the perfect option to choose.

Last but not the least, chain-links are called woven fences that are built with LLDPE-coated galvanized wire. Chain links are lightweight, cost-effective & easy to install. The chain link wires vertically run & they can be bent into the zig-zag patterns. Chain-link fences are available in a wide variety of colours such as black, white, brown, green, etc. They are mostly found in commercial areas. The overall lifespan of woven fences is approx 20 years. However, uncoated chain links aren’t corrosion-resistant and they never provide long-lasting performance.

The importance of modern security fences is huge. They are a long-term investment. So, always choose the best quality fencing material that is long-lasting, durable, & maintenance-free.

How High Should the Colorbond Fencing Be?

The Colorbond fence panels are generally manufactured in their four standard heights – 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.1m. These are the panels’ heights and do not include any kind of additions to the fence constructions. Hence, quoting is easy for making the Colorbond fence higher with elements being added to either the top or the bottom, or just raising it a little from the ground.

The Top Additions These are the different decorative lattices in most cases, which block the view into a property and add an interesting look to the fence. For instance, a lattice with contrasting Colorbond colour to anyone panel will certainly add a few visual dynamics to the fence. The entire fence will look outstanding with the posts being of the same colour.

The Bottom Additions – Treated pine timber sleepers are often used as the Colorbond fences’ bottom. They are designed purposefully for soil retention. Nevertheless, combining the colours and textures make them a wonderful addition to the installed Colorbond fence.

Every Colorbond fence panel cannot be upgraded using lattice. So, you should consult the experts of Colorbond fencing in Joondalup before selecting the material for your Colorbond fencing, particularly when you have planned on this addition. Request quotes from the Australian Colorbond fencing installer in Joondalup.

The Maximum Fence Height Without Any Planning Permission

You are welcome to install a Colorbond fence up to 2.3, without any permission, measured from the natural ground level. The mesh wires could even be 2.7m high in the industrial zones.

But just a building permit is needed for it, it does not mean you are free to install any sort of fence on your own, choosing from varied colours, materials and styles. You need to take this decision in agreement with your neighbours, and above all, in agreement with the restrictions and rules in power in Joondalup. As the Colorbond fencing is manufactured out of Colorbond Steel, then your Colorbond Fence does not need a permit if -It is falling under the criteria given above.

  • It is falling under the criteria given above.
  • The Colorbond fence is made of un-perforated metal with a pre-coloured finish.
  • It has been installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • It is not having sharp edges, or they are capped properly.
  • The sides of the fence are uniform in their texture, material and visible elements.
  • The colour is matching the Colour Standards for General Purposes.
  • The fence’s general appearance is uniform for all the visible parts to the same open space boundary block.

All these regulations must be taken into considerations, as these are all considered at the time of Colorbond fencing production by the manufacture. Even you need to hire certified and skilled Colorbond fence installers to ease out the entire process.

According to ACT planning regulations, the boundary fences on Joondalup properties are not supposed to exceed 2.3m above the ground level, without the approval of the Development Application. The Colorbond steel fences are built for lasting, and it does not mean you need to run the risk to encounter costly works to put up new gates. As the Australian weather is notoriously unpredictable and wild, so the sturdy materials can withstand the test of time. With steel being the most durable material, Colorbond fences provide ample security for homeowners to sweep away the unwanted elements. The environment-friendly Colorbond fences are the best alternative to the traditional gates. Moreover, these are not susceptible to termite infestation, hence, you need not spend any extra dollars for pest control purposes.

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