How To Keep Pet Dogs From Straying?

how-to-keep-pet-dogs-from-strayingPet dogs are loyal and faithful no doubt, but they can stray in search of a better lifestyle if they are not happy with the present one. The key towards preventing a pet pooch from becoming an escape artist is to make sure that the home environment is attractive enough for them and they never get bored. Doing so can help a great deal to keep them from straying.

Some dogs, however, have a tendency to run away from home whenever there is an opportunity, no matter how much they are pampered. For them, it is important to opt for a few additional practical measures, besides pampering. Those measures have been described below in detail:

Setting Up A Perimeter:Setting Up A Perimeter.jpgThe most common way to keep dogs from straying is setting up a perimeter around the house. There are plenty of options that can be chosen from, the best among which is perhaps steel fencing in Wanneroo. Besides impeding the pooch from evading, it would also act as a deterrent to perpetrators. A gate with self-closing catch can also be installed along with the fence, in case there are small children in the house who would probably forget to close the main entrance. This external gate has to stay shut at all times so that no unintended window of opportunity is provided to the dog.

In case the pet dog is still a pup, he or she can be trained to stay put when asked to. They may even be instructed to sit and remain at a particular place as soon as somebody comes knocking on the door. This would definitely reduce their chances of eluding when the door is opened for addressing visitors. The process of training should be started from the garden and then taken outside after the pet pooch can sit, heel and stay on command.

Neutering or spaying a pet dog reduces their urge to roam about, particularly during the mating season. They would not realise what they are missing and avoid getting into brawls with other canines in the locality.

Besides implementing the above mentioned, it is very important for a pet dog owner to supervise their pooch responsibly at all times, so that they do not stray and go around causing nuisance to people on the street. Suitable training must be provided to make the pet understand that home is where they belong, not outside.


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